How We Work

Let’s plan together

When you travel to Peru with Ancient Summit, your journey starts long before you ever leave home. First, we get to know you by asking you to fill in our online questionnaire. Don’t hold back any information we need to know in order to craft your ideal sojourn – there is room on the questionnaire to add as many details as you like. Our end goal is perfection for you and there’s no such thing as too much information! How We Work

After some additional personal follow-up by Nina or one of her trusted staff, we co-create a trip that covers your dreams, desires and special hopes. Our goal is to send a perfectly designed custom journey – not to be the first company to respond without giving your personal travel style the attention it needs. Please be patient as we prepare your program, much like a fine chef creates a gourmet meal.

Once we are content with the first itinerary designed for you, we will send a description with pricing and enough information for you to get a feel for what we offer. We hope that you will find this initial draft is exactly what you had in mind.

If you would like to continue to explore your options or require changes, we are happy to do this until you are completely excited and ready to join us. At this point we will ask for a planning fee of $400, completely applicable towards your trip. This ensures that we can dedicate all the time necessary for continued development of the plan so that when you travel with us, you will come to love Peru as much as we do. We will guarantee to allow all of the time necessary until every detail reflects your desires. Each plan we create is completely custom and takes many hours of work and thought; the planning fee covers a small part of our time and effort.

Should you not end up traveling with us, the fee is non-refundable and you keep all the information and itinerary developed for you thus far. We know you’ll LOVE the experience of traveling with us. Start planning today with our questionnaire.