1. Going to Lima to enjoy one of the best cuisines in the word seems a little dangerous…What would happen if your palate gets used to such delicacies you can’t stand to even smell the food back home?


2. Your idea of the perfect vacation is to do nothing and just enjoy the beach…But you’re afraid there will be none in Peru.

  3. Go sandboarding on the highest dunes of the world? Too much excitement for your taste…


4. You want to enjoy insane views and Peru is full of them! But you doubt you’re ready for this level of inspiration…

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  5. Some people believe Nazca Lines were made by aliens. It sounds interesting, but what if the aliens decide to come back and they take you away? Too risky.

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6. Are you telling me these animals are roaming free? How scary!

7. A country by the Pacific ocean that has mountains, deserts and a jungle? No, there is no place on Earth with such diversity!

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8. You’d love to witness something like this, but who could guarantee you that bright green won’t hurt your precious eyes?

9. Cruising down the Amazon sounds OK, but you were so looking forward to doing somethingreally exciting.

10. And what if you get so used to relaxing in a hammock that you don’t remember what stress is when you get home?

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11. Peru’s wildlife is incredible. But you don’t see the point in watching it live when you can watch a documentary on Netflix.

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12. Machu Picchu? You’ve seen so many pictures of it already you don’t think it’s worth it to walk there.

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13. Thinking about the more of 4,000 varieties of potatoes that grow in Peru is tiring…After all, Mc. Donald’s French fries are the only potatoes you care for.

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14. And you’re sure Lima is all grey and there is no color…

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15. You’re worried Peruvian culture is not rich enough…

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16. Nor that ancient.

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17. What gifts would you buy to take home, for instance?

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18. Titicaca Lake is the highest navigable lake in the world, so the idea of going there sounds interesting. But you were looking for a place with rich culture and beautiful landscapes and you’re not sure Titicaca has them…

19. And what about if you have a close encounter with this gigantic frog, the most famous amphibian of Titicaca, and it asks you for a kiss?


20. Although it’s also possible you’ll find a rare specimen of this Andean flamingo…and you’re afraid you won’t be fast enough to take a photo of it!

21. Snowy peaks? You saw one and you’ve seen them all…


22. Archeology is for archeologists and you don’t think you’ll be able to learn anything from these randomly spread rocks…


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23. You’ve been told Peruvians are the most loving people in the world. What would happen if you make so many friends you have to keep coming back year after year?

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24. Amigo, follow my advice: If you don’t want to fall in love with Peru, don’t ever come!


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