16 Amazing Peruvian Native Products you need to know before traveling

Peru is blessed with a rich biodiversity that continues to amaze the world with little known native products that enhance its culinary culture and make Peruvian gastronomy a pleasure to enjoy with all our senses. Some are super foods boasting many vitamins and nutrients with many already used throughout the world. Others have been and are being researched to help cure diseases like cancer. Here is the short list of products you can enjoy when travelling to Peru:

This fruit is native from the Andes and was eaten by the Inca nobility. It is highly recommended for children and sports people because of its concentration of vitamins A, B and C.

Camu Camu
This Amazon product with a sour taste offers large amounts of vitamin C, more than what other traditional citrus fruits, such as lemon and orange, can offer.

Native from the Andes, this fruit has high nutritional value because of the proteins and sugars it contains. We can also enjoy it in ice cream or liquor.

This fruit is used to prepare ice-cream, yoghurt, liquors and desserts. This is one of Peruvian flagship products.

Amazon Nut
Native of the southern forest of Peru, the Amazon nut represents not only food, but beauty, as it is used as the base for various cosmetic products.

The nutritional properties of this grain are due to the large contents of proteins.

Andean Amaranth
This Andean seed has been introduced in the diet of astronauts, because of its nutritional value as a source of proteins.

Giant Corn
Legends tell that the god Pachacamac created this corn by sowing the teeth of a child to end with the hunger of the people. It also known as Mamasara. The main buyer is Spain. It is usually sown in August.

Andean plant, cultivated and used by pre-Hispanic civilizations. It comes from the surroundings of the Titicaca Lake. Peru has consolidated as the main exporter of quinoa in the world.

Sacha inchi
It is known as the “Inca peanut”; this seed comes from the Peruvian forest and contains large amounts of oils and proteins that reinforce the immunological system.

Carob Tree
The fruit of this tree contains large amounts of sugars, minerals and fibre. It is the raw material to prepare algarrobina, a natural energizing drink.

This root vegetable comes from the highlands in Peru, and is considered as a natural aphrodisiac that increases fertility. It is also highly regarded for its nutritious and curative qualities.

Purple Corn
It grows in the Peruvian Andes and in part of the Peruvian coast. It is an excellent ally in preventing colon cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Andean root vegetable with a sweet taste, containing inuline. This is a dietary fibre that helps the body to metabolize glucose, thus preventing diabetes.

This plant is native from the Peruvian highlands, used as herbal tea because of its carminative and digestive properties. People use it as food seasoning because of its high contents of calcium and phosphorous.

Cat’s Claw
Medicinal plant that grows in the Peruvian forest. It helps to soothe digestive diseases, arthritis and accelerates the treatment of wounds.

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